Madisonville car wreck leads to hospital proposal

Published: Mar. 6, 2017 at 5:26 PM EST
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Most people have one major car crash in their lives, and get proposed to once, but they usually don't happen in the same day. Well that's what happened to one man in Madisonville.

This isn't the way Jamacio "Jam" Kimble had planned on proposing to his girlfriend, but it's the way it happened. Kimble was on the way to propose last Wednesday at church when his car hydroplaned, slid down an embankment, and hit a power pole snapping it in two. Kimble said, "it was nothing but God that saved me."

Trapped inside, Jam remembered his baseball bat in his back floorboard that he used to bust out of the back window. Normally used for helping his team on the field, this day it saved his life. Kimble said, "I was like okay my car can blow up at any time."

So he got out and while he was in the hospital, stumbled down to one knee and asked his girlfriend of one year to be his wife. Kimble said, "looking at the car, I could have died. While I still have breath I want to go ahead and do it."

Kayla King said, "he gets up and I was like sit down you just got in a wreck. He apologized. I'm standing back then I caught on to what was going on and I just was in awe. How blessed am I to sit here and let him speak these words."

She said yes and they hugged each other for several minutes. Jam's baseball coach, friends and family were all there and everyone was crying.

Kimble said, "she started crying. I started crying. King said, "I said yes of course. I just wanted to grab him and hold him tight, but I was being gentle because I didn't want to create more pain."

He has "determination" tattooed on his arm and is now more than ever sure of his determination and knows he is here for a reason and has other plans to fulfill. Kimble said "it was a really scary night, but the best came out of it."

He may have wrecked, but the proposal was perfect.

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