Mascot couple jailed; accused of sex acts with teens

Published: Jun. 27, 2011 at 6:20 PM EDT
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KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - The house at 8900 "A" Drive in Mascot sits right across from a church, but Knox County investigators say there was nothing sacred about what was going on here.

"Paul and Kathy Johnson were arrested for especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor," according to Assistant District Attorney Charme Knight. "What that means is that someone in violation of the law has used a minor to produce or shown that minor engaged in sexual activity."

Knight says 49-year-old Paul Anthony Johnson and his 46-year-old wife Kathy Denise Johnson may face additional charges. She says the couple may have shot hours of video that shows them in sex acts with minors. An affadavit claims one video has "Kathy Johnson performing oral sex on the victim in the suspects' bedroom" while her husband watched and performed his own sex act.

The accusations range from 2007 through November 2010 and neighbors are upset.

"You never thought by looking at the people that anything like that would go on,'" said Jay Taylor who lives across the street.

Matthew Yeo lives several doors down from the Johnsons, but as a parent in a quiet neighborhood - he's very concerned.

Said Yeo: "We've got kids here in the neighborhood and just goes to the thing that you never know what you're gonna turn over under each stone that you find."

The DA's office is hoping there are no more stones and no more victims - but they can't be sure.

"You never know in a case like this," Knight said. "Your hope is that in a case like this if there are additional victims we do find them, and obvisouly in a case like this we do encourage them to seek treatment and help them in that regard, as well as seeking prosecution of offenders."

Paul Johnson's court-appointed lawyer is Joshua Hedrick. He says these are only allegations and hope that people reserve judgement until they see all of the evidence in the case.

The Johnsons are in the Knox County Jail each with a 120 thousand dollar bond.

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