Homeowners turn to Craiglist for storm cleanup

Published: May. 30, 2017 at 11:52 PM EDT
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Have you ever looked into what it would cost to hire someone to haul dead trees off your lot? It's pretty expensive, but some East Tennesseans have found a way around paying up.

A woman in Farragut turned to social media. A cedar tree in her backyard broke in half during storms, nearly hitting her home. Instead of paying to get it removed, she put an ad on craigslist, "free cedar." The only catch is who ever wants the wood has to bring their chainsaw when they go to pick it up.

"I thought, 'you know, I'm going to put it out on Craigslist and see what happens,' cedar's a great wood, it's expensive, and see if there's anyone who would like the wood, and they could have if they could just cut it down and haul it away for me," said Jennifer Dancu.

Dancu told Local 8 News that she will wait until the weekend for someone to chop up the cedar and take it away; otherwise, she will hire a company to do it professionally.

"I've had several offers on Craigslist that are interested in coming, and not even just for this cedar, they saw the other cedars in the back and are interested in taking those as well," said Dancu.

Dancu isn't the only one giving away fallen trees. There are several people wanting do so the very same thing on social media.

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