Crossville man needs rescue after mission trip in Peru

(Source: Bruce Rainwater)
(Source: Bruce Rainwater)(WVLT)
Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 7:38 PM EDT
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The United States government reports as of March 25th, more than a thousand Americans have been rescued from Peru.

The country went on lockdown more than a week ago. Travelers were given 24 hours notice. For one Crossville man that was not enough time to get to a major city and book a flight.

Bruce Rainwater told our Abby Kousouris his group feels stranded without family and friends, but he’s clinging onto faith.

“We’re so far out here that we’re not a priority,” said Bruce.

Bruce says he and his team are feeling forgotten.

“There’s just 8 americans here in Puerto Maldonado so we’re really off the grid,” said Bruce.

They came to Peru on a mission through the Christian Emergency Relief Teams.

“We follow the model of Jesus Christ, we go in touch the physical with love and professional healthcare and share the gospel,” said Bruce.

They had to cut their mission short a few days when they heard Peru was closed their borders.. They had 24 hours to get to the nearest town.

“We left in the back of the dirty old beer truck and made it to Santa Rosa. After a few hours in Santa Rosa the police were able to give us clearance to get in a van and finish the journey to Puerto Maldanado,” said Bruce.

They’re still far away from cities like Lima or Cuzco with large airports and relief flights.

“I don't want to call it depressing, but it’s difficult to see other people getting home,” said Bruce.

He has 4 women with him who are medical professionals. 2 of them are Physician assistants from New York.

“They have families, children, grandchildren. Their families want them and they’re itching to get home,” said Bruce.

He says the medical community is missing some great people who want to be serving on the front lines of this pandemic.

“I want to think that our number is coming up soon,” said Bruce.

They've contacted congress and the military. So far, nothing. So he’s been praying.

“Personally, I believe the Lord is in this storm.. As the world gets darker and darker the light gets brighter.

He hoping through prayer, they’ll find an answer to bring them back to their families.

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