Daily Living Center offers safe space for seniors

Daily Living Center has openings for adults who need daily care.
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Betty Browning said she has peace of mind because her mother, Allie Mae Reagan, has a safe place to go each day while she's at work. She drops off her mother at the Daily Living Center in Knoxville. There, her mother receives meals, socialization and a listening ear.

"She really has enjoyed being here because it keeps her active," said Browning.

Participant Barbara Swaggerty feels cheerful when spending time petting Sugar, the HABIT dog that comes to visit. "People with emotional illness need this kind of place," said Swaggerty.

The Center is accepting new applicants for spots open daily at the facility. It is a service through the Community Action Office on Aging.
Advocate Angela Grant said the service has a sliding scale, making it affordable for anyone who needs it.

She said there is constant structure, and a cheerful atmosphere to keep participants occupied. "Where they're games, or arts and crafts or folks from the community coming in and we'll have a party."

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