Dancers for Cancer Awareness raise money for St. Jude

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The William Blount High School dance team is opening its doors for a clinic and fundraiser called Dancers for Cancer Awareness to raise money for St. Jude Research Hospital.

"It's awesome to get to dance for your school but also give back to your community at the same time," said William Blount sophomore dancer Elizabeth Robinson.

"I feel like it will give them a new opportunity, something they've never thought of before. Dancing has really opened up my life and I feel like it could help other children, give them something happy that they like to do," added junior Taylor Bonovich.

The clinic is open to dancers of all ages. There will be choreographers teaching routines to different age groups and skill levels. A $20 donation is requested to participate in the clinic.

"what I've always told them is 'yes, we are your dance coaches but we want you to be great people and great humans and help others and be kind to others and you never know by something so little as a clinic how you can touch someone's life," said William Blount Dance Team head coach Amber Young.

The clinic is April 20 at William Blount High School. Email to register.