Dedicated Peyton Manning fan heading to Super Bowl to cheer him on

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It might be early February, but it feels like Christmas Eve for Jocelyn Larson.

That's because she's still waiting on her Christmas wish: a Super Bowl ring for Peyton Manning.

Monday, she payed $4,500 for a ticket. Now she's headed to California to cheer him on.

"$900 for the flight, $700 for the hotel, $200 for the car, seeing Peyton Manning win the Super Bowl, priceless," she says.

She was in Indianapolis for the Broncos vs. Colts game this season, holding up a sign that said "Dear Santa, please give Peyton a Super Bowl ring, Love Virginia."

She's hoping to hold up a response in Levi's Stadium Sunday after a victory, that says "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa."

"To be a part of what I believe will be his last game, especially if he wins, for sure, I just want to say I was there," she says.

It's pretty easy to find people pulling for Peyton in East Tennessee. But Jocelyn's case is different. She's not from here. She's from New York.

Che moved to Knoxville around the same time as Peyton. She was in Neyland when he took the field for the first time.

"He just became my connection to Tennessee, he was my reason for being here, so when he left I just enjoyed it immensely following him, because I feel like I know him," she says.

She even met him once, in 2010.

"I had a sign that said my Christmas wish is playoff games for Peyton. And after the game he came up and gave me his hat and said thank you. It was the greatest moment of my life," she says.

Even though she calls the northeast home, she's a dedicated Vol fan thanks to Peyton.

She plans to stick with him, no matter what he does next year.

"The broncos are temporary, he's a Vol for life."