Deputy fired after shooting chihuahua in the face

FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. (WVLT) -- An Arkansas deputy was fired after video allegedly caught him shooting a small dog during a response call, CBS17 reported.

Keenan Wallace was relieved of his duties after investigators determined he had "numerous opportunities to de-escalate" the situation, the Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals said on Saturday in a Facebook post.

In the graphic video, Wallace fired at a barking chihuahua named Reese's outside a home in Shiloh Estates, CBS17 reported.

The man who recorded the dog, Doug Canady, can be heard saying: "I just recorded you shooting that dog in front of me, putting me in danger!"

Initially, authorities said a deputy fired at a dog who was "aggressive," but a day later, Wallace was fired.

"We in Law Enforcement answer calls every day that require split second life and death decisions," Ryals said in a statement. "We strive to be right 100 percent of the time. Our Department is sadden about this incident and apologize for any distress and disappointment this incident has caused anyone who was affected by this disheartening event."

The dog who was shot is recuperating, but is not out of danger yet.