Did Bonnaroo's famous arch burn down?

(File photo): Images on social media show the famous Bonnaroo arch burning, but officials say this is not goodbye. (Bonnaroo)
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MANCHESTER, Tenn. (WVLT) -- "Goodbye old friend," said an official Tweet from Bonnaroo.

Images of the festival's famous arch have been swirling on social media showing the structure going up in flames. The images sparked concern that the arch is no more.

However, Manchester fire officials said the fire was an intentional and controlled burn. Last year's arch was in bad shape with rotten plywood, officials said.

But that doesn't mean this is goodbye forever.

In fact, the fire was just the beginning of the rebuilding of a new arch. "The Arch has changed throughout the years, and we're excited for it's newest incarnation," Bonnaroo said in an official Tweet.

Festival-goers can expect to see the new version at the 2019 event.