'Disgusting' say critics. Should Nike have asked their model to shave?

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Critics of a new Nike advertisement depicting a woman with unshaven armpits is drawing both criticism and support.

"It's an active human body. Let her be. It's nature what's the problem? Your hair opinions. Having body hair isn't a problem, it's sad your standards are that high for people who don't even know you exist," said Instagram user @zoe.htx, but not everyone showed support.

"Girl take that money Nike just gave you and go get yourself waxed 😂," said @marielacklein

"No!!! Stop this ****!! That's disgusting. Like please dont get me wrong I'm delighted that this woman is brave enough to go around like that..... but that's horrible. It's not cute. Stop this feminist bull**** saying this **** is ok. It's not. It's wrong. There are some things that women could do but just really ******* shouldn't cause it looks rotten and disgusting and this is one of them. I get that it's natural but it's not cool. I bet all of you people saying "oh this is natural" "oh this is amazing" "oh I'm a feminist", wouldn't dare leave the house with an ounce of hair on you other than your head." said @casey_tierney_

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