High school student in Arkansas suspended for wearing Confederate flag shirt

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (CBS) -- Several Fayetteville High School students in Fayetteville, Arkansas believe they are standing up for their right to wear clothes with images of the Confederate Flag on them.

The school, however, forced the students to remove the attire, and one student was given an out-of-school suspension.

"I told him I wasn't going to take it off so then I went to the office, we had a discussion and the head principal ended up calling me a racist," said student Jagger Starnes.

The school says the confederate dress goes against the school's policy to keep a safe and un-disruptive school and classroom environment. "We're not trying to trample on their First Amendment right, we're just trying to have a safe and orderly school environment," said Jay Dosal the school's principal.

The students say they wear their Confederate attire out of a sense of southern pride, which represents their heritage. They say they'll continue to push the boundaries of their school and district code of conduct and dress policies.

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