Ditching smartphones: 'Dumbphones' with basic functions appealing to some

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some people believe smartphones can do it all: track your workouts, communicate with others through social media apps, mobile banking, and more.

As Apple and Android create $1,000 smartphones, could phones that simply talk and text be the next big seller?

Three different phones are hitting the "dumbphone" market. The $150 Light phone only makes and takes calls. The $295 Punkt phone allows users to talk, text, set alarms and use a calendar. Nokia also introduced a "back to basics" version of its mobile device.

Some people think it would be nice to go back to phones without as many functions.

“Disconnect for a while, stress-free,” Patrice White told CBS Philadelphia.

Others weren't so sure.

“I don’t think I’d be able to function going back,” Christina Colon said.

Darren Zygadlo, creator of onecutreviews.com, said stripped down cell phones could be the next trend.

“We’ve hit a point where we can pretty much do everything with these phones and I think some people are finding themselves saying, ‘What do I need all that for?’”

Zygadlo said he thinks some people will gravitate to so-called "dumbphones" because they want simplicity.