Do red light camera tickets have to be paid?

Published: Jul. 7, 2016 at 9:50 PM EDT
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The City of Knoxville has red light cameras at fifteen intersections that capture data of violators behind the wheel. American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is the current vendor who installs, keeps up with maintenance on the cameras, collects data, and sends information to local law enforcement.

Ron Mills, Deputy Law Director for the City of Knoxville, says certified officers make the decision for a violation based on the red light camera data then a ticket is issued through city court. If unpaid, another notice is sent with an additional 30-day pay period before a late fee is added on to the original fee.

Red light camera violations are not "moving violations" which means they cannot appear on a driving record or history; however, Mills says, "it is a ticket that must be paid."

A local attorney, T. Scott Jones, says despite Knoxville's decrease in crashes, these red light cameras may not be the answer.

"You can manipulate statistics any way that you want them to come out," Jones says, "particularly with regards to either a declination or an increase in accidents. I think in these situations, these cameras cause more problems than they have ever solved."

"You're going to see mainly because these revenue generating ticket companies," Jones says, "and that's basically what they are, they are going to turn them over to collection agencies and things of that nature. I think the tickets are just being issued in bulk, being bulk reviewed and rubber stamped by law enforcement."

Video data is available for the violator to view and there is an option to appeal the violation. If the appeal is approved, no fees need to be paid; however, if the appeal is not granted, the violator must pay the ticket plus court costs.

Traffic safety is the goal and rules must be followed.

There are 15 locations of current red light cameras:

Alcoa Highway at Kingston Pike

Broadway at Adair Drive

Broadway at I-640

Cedar Bluff at I-40

Cedar Bluff at N. Peters Road

Chapman at Greene

Clinton Highway at Merchants

Henley at Clinch Ave.

Henley at Cumberland

Kingston Pike at Montvue Road

Kingston Pike at Morrell

Lovell Road at I-40

Lovell Road at Parkside Drive

Millertown Pike at North Mall Rd.

Western Avenue at Ed Shouse Drive

(Via Knoxville Red Light Photo Enforcement Program Customer Service Center)

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