Do you have to pay red light camera tickets?

Published: Aug. 11, 2017 at 11:54 PM EDT
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"They prey on the ignorance of the individuals who are receiving these citations," State Representative Andy Holt said about red light camera tickets.

The citations say you are legally required to pay the fine. But some would argue, put that payment in park.

Rep. Holt said, "I encourage people not to pay them ever under any circumstance."

The City of Knoxville has said its 21 cameras make for safer roads.

But, Rep. Andy Holt continues his crusade to end red light and speeding cameras. He helped pass a bill a couple years ago requiring tickets to state, "Not paying a fine will not affect your credit score, insurance rates, or driving record."

Deno Cole, an attorney, said, "I can't ethically advise someone not to pay a fine. However, the law has no teeth to it."

Attorneys have said the state can only send notice of a violation. It can't go to collections, and law enforcement can't drag you to court over it.

Roy Best said on Facebook, "Yeah I paid it, but it's still unconstitutional."

The 6th Amendment does give Americans the right to confront a witness in court. "And you can't confront a camera in the courtroom," Cole said.

Jason Bour said on Facebook, "If people are so against red light cameras, all they have to do is use basic stopping skills."

These red light citations come from a third party. Those third party companies are not legally allowed to look at the pictures. Instead, law enforcement is supposed to review the evidence.

But, Rep. Holt said the city only gets a small portion of the funds paid through the citations.