Does Knoxville need an electric tram? Bob Thomas says 'yes'

A tram similar to the one proposed by Bob Thomas for Downtown Knoxville. /Source: (Bob Thomas)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- As part of his campaign for City Council, Bob Thomas announced a proposal for adding a tram to Downtown Knoxville.

Thomas identified five areas near downtown that he says need a way to connect including:

- The Coliseum and Auditorium
- The Old City and future new ballpark
- Market Square
- The Convention Center at Worlds Fair Park
- The Riverfront and UT stadium area

"We have designed the layout for a Knoxville tram route that would connect all five of Downtown Knoxville's great entertainment areas," said a release from Thomas. "This 'ideal' situation would be a single track, automated, electric, elevated tram on a 2 3/4 mile circular track. It would take about fifteen minutes to make the entire loop from 35 feet in the air."

According to the announcement, the tram would make stops at the Main Terminal near the Coliseum, the Old City, Market Square/ Crowne Plaza, the Convention Center or the back of the Sunsphere, and Volunteer Landing.

The proposed tram would run on an electric track about 35 feet above the ground. Thomas said it would take about 15 minutes to make a loop around the entire track.

"I realize this is not going to happen next year or maybe even in ten years, but I present it as an idea for the future for us all to think about," said Thomas. This is a glimpse into the future that takes Knoxville to an even greater level. Remember that every great idea started with just one single thought in one person's brain. All of us here today are capable of great ideas. We always need to encourage those that bring
us new ideas. And I think we need more of that in government."

The announcement did not include a cost estimate.

Do you think Knoxville needs a tram?

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