Dog missing for 54 days after tornado reunites with Putnam County family

Source: WTVF
Source: WTVF(WVLT)
Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 5:48 PM EDT
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More than a month after tornadoes tore apart Middle Tennessee, a beloved pup made reunited with her family in Putnam County.


that Eric and Faith Johnson had been searching for their Australian Shepherd named Bella for 54 days after a tornado destroyed their home in Cookeville March 3.

The family said Bella alerted them in time to hide in the bathtub mere moments before the tornado hit their house.

The couple said they have visited their neighborhood, getting hope from other locals as they claimed to have seen her around the area.

WTVF reported that, on Friday, a church friend of the couple, Sarah Romeyn, received a call from an employee of an animal grooming business who thought they saw Bella across the street.

Romeyn set up trail cameras on a fence and eventually captured Bella coming out of a skinny area between two buildings to eat the food she put out. On Sunday, Eric came to the area with his brother-in-law and their pastor, using the two to block the entrance way so Bella didn't take off.

"I started losing hope. This is amazing because to have her back with us, it completes our family now and puts a missing piece back," Eric told WTVF. "This dog saved our lives. She's the one who gave us a chance to survive."

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