Love Dolly Parton? Here's your chance to learn more

Published: Sep. 7, 2017 at 2:45 PM EDT
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East Tennessee loves southern sweetheart Dolly Parton so much there's now a class about her at the University of Tennessee.

Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis headed to the University of Tennessee campus to find out what the class is all about.

Lynn Sacco is teaching a history class at UT, but this class isn't about breaking down maps or focusing on revolutions. It's about country music superstar Dolly Parton.

Sacco says, "History really is so much more fun than studying presidents."

It's not a Dolly Parton appreciation class, but it's a special honors class. Students must interview to get in.

"I wanted to give them someone they thought they knew, but they really don't know that much about her," Sacco explained.

The professor said students often know about her Appalachian roots, but do they know why Dolly is important?

One of the questions the class asks that you might not have thought about before: How does a little girl from the mountains go on to attract people to Sevierville from all over the world?

And how does Dolly Parton effect pop culture?

"They talk about how Dolly doesn't fit in a box. She tells off-color jokes, she doesn't go to church, and she doesn't live with her husband, but she's still adored. And she credits her style with a street walker." Sacco says, "How many stars are popular among evangelicals who got their style from a prostitute?"

At the end of the class, students have to put together a paper about Dolly Parton's America.

Oh, and the professor has a message for Dolly herself: "Dolly if you're watching I want you to come to class."