Domino's driver brings a little Christmas with pizza

LEXINGTON, Va. (WVLT/WDBJ7) -- It was late morning at a Virginia Domino's and the first of the lunch orders begin. Dean Bryant got the bags ready for delivery.

“It’s a good job," He said. "Pays the bills.”

But it’s a little more than just a job to Dean.

“We get positive calls about it every time he goes out with it, because people see it," explained Domino's franchisee Rush Earman. "And it’s not very many people that drive around with a completely lit Christmas tree in the back of their pickup truck, so it does attract attention. You’re right about that.”

That's right, a Christmas tree, lit up in the back of his delivery truck.

“The W and L students had left for Christmas break and they threw a tree away," Bryant remembered. "Had the lights on it, had a stand, had everything, just threw it away. And I was like, I hate to see anything go to waste.”

So why not strap it to his truck?

“So I come up with the idea of strapping it in the truck and plugging it into the inverter, converter and riding around with it," he said. "Everyone liked it.”

Are you making the customers smile? And that is big," Earman said. "I mean, if he can make the customer smile by looking at his truck and going: what did you do?”

Not a big surprise really, considering he was already known for the dozens of rubber ducks that line his dashboard.

“People know him as the duck truck guy,” Earman said.

“People tell me all the time: I love your tree, love the decorations," Bryant said. "It’s just fun to do.”

So the next time you order a pizza, maybe it will come with a side of Christmas.

According to Bryant: “I like to see people happy. There’s not enough of that in the world today.”