Donation to Pigeon Forge Middle Band

Published: Dec. 15, 2014 at 6:34 PM EST
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The Smoky Mountain Opry has made a big donation to the Pigeon Forge Middle School band program.

The show owned by Fee Hedrick Entertainment donated $10,000 so that the band would be able to buy some necessary equipment.

The director says first order of business is proper chairs so her students will have the appropriate posture for band.

"Allow the students to sit with correct posture, so we're going to buy musician chairs designed to help them sit with good posture especially for beginning band students in the 5th grade it's really important that they sit up tall and comfortable for a 45 minute class," said Molly Brackins, Pigeon Forge Middle School Band Director.

Brackins says after her investment in chairs, she'll be looking for new percussion equipment because some of the instruments now are missing keys the make all the notes.