DreamBikes Knoxville helps local teens through holiday bike sale

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - DreamBikes Knoxville is helping underserved teens in the community through charitable bike donations and their Holiday Sale and Bike Drive.

The goal of the shop is to help create jobs for local teens in the Knoxville area with the help of donated bicycles. They provide hands-on, paid job training to underrepresented teens in the area, as well as providing fully refurbished bicycles to the community at a low cost.

Mitchell Connell, the assistant manager at DreamBikes Knoxville, said, "We are just trying to create an opportunity to get more bikes in the hands of kids and adults for the holidays."

Connell said the store wide bike sale is a chance to create a market for more affordable bikes in the community.

All revenue generated through bike sales goes back to employing underserved teens in the community. They are training teens to learn how to become bike mechanics and sales associates.