EXCLUSIVE: Alan Keyes eyes U.N. Ambassador position

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Three-time presidential candidate Alan Keyes is being tapped by a group of Americans, including some in East Tennessee, to be the next United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

WVLT News’ Alan Williams sat down exclusively with Keyes, who said he would put his whole heart into the position if selected.

“Nobody is going to enter into a position of responsibility in the government, in my opinion I certainly never would, if I didn’t believe wholeheartedly that doing so would serve America," Keyes said. “The ultimate judgement in any given instance about what serves America is the president’s judgement, not mine.”

Keyes, an outspoken conservative, is no stranger to political office. Keyes secured the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate three separate times: twice in 1988 and 1992 in Maryland and once in 2004 for Illinois.

Keyes is familiar with the United Nations. In 1983, President Ronald Regan appointed him ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Keyes has no doubt that, if selected by President Donald Trump, he would be heard.

“When you decide to join an administration, you decide that when push comes to shove, you’ll be heard,” Keyes said. “You’ll take full responsibility for the job you’re given to do, and you’ll give the best advice you can. The objective and goals are for the president to decide, and you will carry out his will."

Keyes, who earned a doctorate in government studies from Harvard in 1978, has also served in the United States State Department, as assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs, and began his own radio talk show in 1994.