East Tennesseans offer advice on speaking with kids about tragedy

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Mass shootings can happen anywhere. Folks may be wonder how to have that conversation with your children.

"I had a moment there where I kind of lost it," said Amanda Fox, who has two kids.

Some people have routines. About every month, Amanda Fox gets her hair done.

After hearing about another mass shooting, part of her routine is now talking with her kids about bad guys and scary things.

Fox said when she was in school she had tornado drills. Now, her kids are having lock down drills. Her 6-year-old is starting to ask questions.
She had advice for parents.

"Just to answer the questions they ask and don't elaborate on the answers," said Fox. "They ask a question. You answer it and then that's it until they have another question. They don't need to know more than they need to know."

Even though her kids are 3-years-old and 6-years-old, Fox said her kids know the danger of guns.

"I hate that its starting to become a norm for everyone," said Fox.

Fox said she has hope.

"You must keep living life and keep going," said Fox.