Fla. officials: Missing East Tenn. woman, boyfriend found

Chilton has previous arrest records out of Tennessee and North Carolina. / Source: (Jacksonville Sheriff's Apartment)
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WVLT) -- Florida officials said a missing East Tennessee woman, the focus of a possible carjacking, has been found safe.

The Jacksonville Sherrif's Office said Marsha Ann Higgins and Bradley Chilton were found safe in Volusia County.

Officials had previously said Higgins was the victim of a reported carjacking and could be held against her will by Chilton, her boyfriend.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said they received a message from Higgins that said, "Call the Police. Tell them Brad has carjacked me with me in the car and is threatening to kill me. We're in Jacksonville and will be heading to Interlochen from what he says. 2005 Silver Scion with stickers on the back. Tennessee Tags are registered to me."

Investigators said the two were reportedly spotted in Volusia County on Wednesday night.

The sheriff's office said the investigation is ongoing.

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