East Tennessee man thanks firefighters for saving his life

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - You can call it a mother's or wife's instinct that took over Amy Morton three months ago.

"I heard a gasp and I ran over and saw him slumped over in his chair," Morton said. "I began chess compression immediately."

Morton's husband's, Jerry Morton, heart stopped. With Amy's hands pressing against Jerry's lifeless body, she called 9-11 and was told firefighters were on the way.

When they got there, three firefighters took over the compression.

"I took her (their 3-year-old daughter) to the bedroom and we began praying and the power of prayer took over. And, we had prayer chains starting immediately," Amy said.

Jerry was taken to the hospital and was in a three day coma.

"We didn't know if he would ever wake up, or if he did wake up we didn't know what kind of quality of life he would have," Amy said.

Three months and a near-death experience later Jerry's getting his life back on track.

"They put me a defibrillator and pacemaker in. And, I'm great, I really am I feel healthier than I did before," Jerry said.

He's counting his blessings and showing his family's guardian angels gratitude.

"Just Thank You. Thank You," Jerry said.

This was the first time firefighters are getting a thank you for doing their job.

"We normally do our jobs to the best of our ability and to know we are making a difference and have the patients of the family and tell us how we've helped them boosts our moral. It makes us excited to come to work everyday," Gage Seymour firefighter from Rural Metro said.

Jerry had a life line of people who played a vital role in pumping life back into his body, something the trained firefighters said isn't likely.

"Keep the good compression going, early defibrillation from our monitor was what gave him his best chance," Seymour said.

Amy said her job paid for her to get CPR training and is now challenging other bosses and business to do the same.

She said you never know when you might have to save a life.

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