East Tennessee prepares for possibility of weekend storm

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Knoxville residents are out getting ready for snow as clouds move in over East Tennessee on Saturday.

Elder's Ace Hardware in the Rocky Hill neighborhood was busy stocking their outdoor shelves with ice melt and sleds. "We'll be here whether we get the snow or not," Eric Dunn, the store's manager, said. "We'll always have our doors open to let people prepare for the snow and inclement weather."

Dunn said they've received some requests for firewood, but not as many for ice melt. They don't expect the weather to get bad in Knoxville, however neighbors to the north and east are expecting increased snow totals through Monday morning.

Gene Overholt, a Knoxville native, said "We're all excited about the snow. Looking forward to it!"

Overholt was not concerned about the storm coming to Knoxville. "We have a big stack of firewood and a pot of soup," he said.