East Tennessee woman connects to mother she never met

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FARRAGUT, Tenn. Two women who recently discovered they're half sisters have been exploring their genealogy even more.

Two East Tennessee women have found each other through a DNA test and are looking for other siblings / Source: Tilly Baker

"I mean my whole life I've had people approach me and ask are you related to so and so and I'm like I don't know I'm adopted," said Tilly Baker.

She was adopted when she was two months old and never knew her biological family. But all that changed about a year ago when she submitted her DNA to "23 and Me."

"So I decided to do a test and see what came back," said Baker.

What came back were links to extended family. With a little searching online, she found her birth mother. And a picture of the woman made it all make sense.

"I mean it was striking how similar we looked," explained Baker.

That wasn't the only similarity.

"I don't drive and you know our birth mother had fears of driving," she said.

Her birth mother died before Tilly learned who she was; but that hasn't changed her outlook.

"It's just kind of helped put the pieces of my life together I guess," said Baker.

She did find a half sister, Krista Jackson.

And there's just one question they wish they could ask--who are these other siblings?

"When were they born, what were the birth dates? Give me the information that I don't have so I can put the pieces together," asked Krista Jackson.

The half sisters are still trying to discover their brother and sister. If you have any information about their identities you can contact Krista at kristajackson274@gmail.com.

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