East Tennessee woman drove drunk on her way to jail, license revoked for 99 years

Published: Sep. 7, 2018 at 11:04 AM EDT
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A Kingsport woman pleaded guilty to driving drunk while on her way to jail to serve time for a previous DUI conviction, CBS affiliate WJHL reported.

In October 2017, Scott County deputies pulled over Rachel Eaves after someone reported a white pickup truck nearly hitting a guardrail multiple times on U.S. 23.

Officials reported smelling alcohol on her breath and found empty whiskey bottles on the floorboard. Eaves told deputies she was drunk and a breath test revealed her blood alcohol content was nearly three times the legal limit.

She had been on her way to the Duffield Regional Jail to serve 30 days for a previous DUI conviction.

Eaves was arrested and charged with felony driving under the influence, her third DUI in five years, according to Scott County's attorney.

In January, while on bond for the third DUI, and on the day she was released from jail for the second DUI, Eaves was again arrested for driving under the influence in Hawkins County.

Eaves was driving with her four-year-old child in the backseat when Hawkins County deputies pulled her over.

In May, WJHL reported that she pleaded guilty in Scott County court to the third DUI.

During a sentencing hearing in July, Eaves admitted to doing meth and drinking liquor and beer prior to her court appearance. The judge sent her to jail, revoked her bond and rescheduled her sentencing.

On August 31, the judge sentenced Eaves to serve one year and six months in prison and pay a $1,000 fine. Her driver's license was revoked for 99 years, WJHL reported.