East Tennessee woman spreading 'Motherly Love' to new moms

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NEWPORT, Tenn. One East Tennessee woman is making a difference for new moms.

Motherly Love has donated 10 gift baskets to postpartum mothers. / Source: WVLT News.

Brooke Parker founded her organization 'Motherly Love' in August to help pregnant women before and after delivery.

Parker has already been able to give ten new mothers special baskets filled with treats and self-care items over the past month.

Her non-profit was inspired by her own mother's story.

"She had complications from Preeclampsia when she delivered me and nearly lost her life due to lack of focus on her care," Parker said.

Parker wants to show new moms care and love, so that they don't have to suffer alone. She hand delivers each hand crafted gift basket with a personalized card inside.

Until she is able to get funding for her non-profit, she relies on the generous donations of those who support her vision.

"It's been incredible, having that Facebook page and people reach out and share the page has done things that I never thought it could do," Parker said.

If you would like to donate items or money to Motherly Love, you can find out how on her website or checkout the organization's Facebook page below.

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