Elderly man shoots deputy in face after shooting his caretaker, troopers say

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 7:00 AM EST
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The name of the man who allegedly pulled the trigger on a woman and Mason County deputy over the weekend has been released.

Troopers say Robert McKinley Glenn, 81, shot a family member Saturday. Rodney Miller, the Executive Director of West Virginia Sheriff's Association, says the family member he shot was also a caretaker.

"I saw a police officer go by. And shortly after I saw the police officer go by, I heard five shots. It was like, 'pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,'" nearby neighbor Wendell Chapman demonstrated.

State Police say deputies went to Glenn's home on Whitten Ridge Road in Milton around 4:10 a.m. Sunday to serve charges and continue the original investigation.

The deputies were confronted by the suspect who started to fire multiple shots towards the officers, hitting one in the face.

Troopers say the officer was taken to the hospital with what is expected to be non-life threatening injuries and is now stable.

"I thank the state troopers and the county (deputies)," Chapman told WSAZ. "I mean, they never know if they're going to go back home or not when they go out and put that uniform on. They just don't know."

Glenn was arrested for malicious wounding and attempted murder.

The woman who was shot by Glenn on Saturday is expected to be OK, according to Miller.

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