Electric scooters roll into downtown Knoxville

People on scooters in Knoxville / Source: WVLT News
People on scooters in Knoxville / Source: WVLT News(WVLT)
Published: May. 1, 2019 at 6:56 PM EDT
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Wednesday was the first day people got a chance to take a ride on the public scooters that are now parked in various places in downtown Knoxville.

A handful of people got a chance to take the scooters for a ride and told WVLT they enjoyed being able to get on and explore the area.

Two companies, Zagster and VeoRide, are teaming up with the city for a one-year pilot launch, which means if things don't go well, the scooters will have to scoot out of town.

The city unveiled the plan several weeks ago, but pumped the breaks after computer mapping technology wouldn't keep the scooters within defined boundaries.

Since then, Kim Bumpas with Visit Knoxville said the city has worked to address those problems and concerns.

"In other destinations, you might have had the scooters riding around in places you didn't want them or where there was heavy foot traffic. Some scooters with people walking around really doesn't make for the best environment. Here in Knoxville, we have a much more approach the scooters need to not be on the sidewalks. We will be enforcing that and you can learn all the do's and don't's within the app," Bumpas said.

People who misuse a scooter or park the scooter that blocks any traffic could be fined, or ticketed.