Emotional support squirrel and owner kicked off flight

(CBS) -- A woman is locked in a battle with Frontier Airlines after she says Frontier Airlines called police and eventually escorted the woman and her emotional support squirrel off of a flight following a two-hour episode.

According to CBS, a woman claimed she told the airline that she was bringing an emotional support animal along when booking a flight from Orlando to Cleveland; however, the airline claims the woman never told them the animal was a squirrel.

Frontier flights allow cats and dogs, but squirrels and other rodents are banned. Police were called when the woman, who remains unidentified, boarded the plane and refused to leave after employees explained their policy.

The flight was delayed two hours. Eventually, the woman and her animal companion were escorted off the flight.

Frontier emailed the following explanation Wednesday to CBS MoneyWatch: "On flight 1612 from Orlando to Cleveland yesterday evening, a passenger boarded the aircraft with a squirrel saying it was an emotional support animal. The passenger noted in their reservation that they were bringing an emotional support animal but it was not indicated that it was a squirrel. Rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed on Frontier flights."