FEMA officials provide update on Hurricane Dorian relief efforts

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) While crews are preparing on the ground for Hurricane Dorian, officials in Washington are also hard at work, coordinating an emergency response.

FEMA officials in Washington are working to coordinate emergency relief as Hurricane Dorian approaches South Carolina. (Source: Gray DC)

FEMA headquarters is a hub for national emergency management. Emergency teams, the National Guard, and aid groups all coordinate with FEMA as they work to bring relief to disaster areas. Currently there are hundreds of workers fielding calls and monitoring the storm.

Dorian is expected to strike the South Carolina coast Wednesday night. Even though the path and intensity of the storm is still changing, FEMA officials say they are confident they have enough resources and funding to provide aid before and after the deadly storm strikes.

“The thing we know bout storms is that they are unpredictable," said Linda Mastandrea, FEMA, Office of Disability and Coordination Director. "So we’ve been prepared for every contingency. We’ve had resources from Miami to Roanoke ready to deploy and ready to assist. We have staff along the impact zone ready to deploy and ready to assist.”

Once the storm is over FEMA says they’ll be on the ground clearing debris and assessing damage.

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