Faith written on the walls

KODAK, Tenn. -- When you ask a CEO their secret to success, you'll probably find numerous responses. One East Tennessee company said there's only one answer -- God.

Success came in many forms at KaTom, one of the nation's largest restaurant equipment suppliers. It was written on the walls and on the faces of the it's employees.

"We ended up with the property and as a result of that, there was so much praise to be had," said Patricia Bible, CEO of KaTom.

The company started out of a garage back in 1987. Today Inc. Magazine named it one of the fasted growing companies in America. Folks at KaTom said their secret to success had a lot to with the bible.

"I was fortunate to marry into a family. John and Katherine bible loved the lord and they made sure I was involved in women's ministries and involved in our church First Baptist in Morristown, Tennessee," said Bible.

When Bible's husband passed away, she admitted she changed.

"I became somewhat frustrated and angry with God. I thought wait a minute I worked really hard for you all these years and I taught Sunday school and it was all about me at that point," admitted Bible. "How dare he take the father of my children, my business partner, my best friend, my whole life."

She admitted she is now more faith-centered than ever, posting positive messages and Godly sayings. One of those even takes up the whole wall.

"You want someone to put their arm around you someone to encourage you," said Bible. "I can't put my arm around everybody, but I can use those sayings."

Bible said she credited her positive outlook and others around to the company's record sales. They did over 100 million last year.

This all started in a garage and has now been built on faith.

"If we can be a fit in your life to take you to that next level of optimization that's what I would want people to say that KaTom is about," said Bible