Family bounces back after fire thanks to faith and family

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PHILADELPHIA, Tenn. (WVLT) -- More than a month after a devastating fire destroyed the Frankovich family home, they said they are getting life organized again thanks to the help of friends and their faith.

The Frankovich family has helped thousands of wildfire survivors, but last February, they were themselves dealt a loss when their home was destroyed by flames.

Jay and Brooke Frankovich have lived in East Tennessee for two years, running their catering business "Smokin F BBQ." The couple lost their home in a fire on Wednesday morning, but they said the outpouring of support has made them feel more at home than ever.

"I think we are learning everyday how to say thank you and just allow people to bless us, it's really humbling," Jay said.

Jay said he suspects the fire began at the furnace in the garage and then quickly consumed the house. He said it was only minutes before everything was lost.

Now more than a month later, the family has a trailer on property so they can take care of their farm animals while they rebuild.

Generous donations have poured in from across the country. The Frankovich family said they feel at home with all the love and support.