Knoxville family business takes theft in stride

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Losing hundreds of dollars in a suspected theft on the MLK holiday was not just a hit to Eddie Reymond's bottom line. His family runs Eddie's Health Shoppe

Eddie's Health Shoppe still open despite losing hundreds in cash.

"I'm so blessed as a business owner. The community has been behind me for over 24 years. And I want to really focus on that more," said Reymond. He posted on his Facebook page a reminder that what his business loses is a loss to the entire community.

"Most the money we spend is with local sponsorships," said Reymond of supporting everything from foot races to swim meets to competitive fights. "Those are the things that we like to promote, because we promote health."

Shopper Natalie Meadows was in the store the day after the theft, explaining that she prefers to support a local business instead of a big box store for what she needs. "I just like a man that is willing to put it out there, serve the community, and I want to support that."

Scott Beasley said Reymond employed him at a time when he really needed it. "At the time, I really appreciated him giving me the opportunity to have the job here. Because he was someone I looked up to so much and I had the opportunity to learn from him."

Reymond said he has appreciated the support at his store and the well wishes on social media since he first posted about the theft. "It just was crazy how many people actually responded and got behind me and said the nicest things possible."

The incident is still under police investigation.

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