Farragut asks FCC and Tennessee to 'halt' 5G tower installation

Published: May. 15, 2020 at 9:11 PM EDT
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In a push-back against laws and regulation from the State of Tennessee and the Federal Communications Commission, Farragut's leaders have asked for a reprieve from new 5G towers. The decision came down May 14, in a non-binding resolution.

The town's politicians asked the FCC and state to "halt" further digging until more research can be done into the impact of 5G signals. Dozens of new 5G towers, many up to 40 feet tall, will sit in some lawns. The space closest to the road is technically a right-of-way.

In the background for the night's agenda, leaders, "request the FCC and the State of Tennessee to take action to halt the deployment of 5G wireless facilities within the rights-of-way of our community."

The mayor and Aldermen, attached to the resolution, say that their hand has been forced by superseding state and federal law. Those keep the town from stepping in and blocking Verizon's towers.

Leaders say, "Tennessee General Assembly in 2018 adopted legislation that was binding on local governments throughout Tennessee and that was intended to enhance 'rapid deployment of the 5G wireless


While the federal ruling is clear, that Farragut cannot stop digging, Farragut politicians hope for more 'independent study' of 5G, according to the resolution.

Farragut resident and 5G activist Mike Mitchell tells WVLT he thinks this resolution is the first of its kind in Tennessee. He said, "It is a huge step forward and will be adopted by other towns in Tennessee."

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