Eighth grader thwarts drunken would-be thieves at Knoxville Open

Rachel Kobus was recognized at the Knoxville Open after she stopped some would-be thieves from making off with a bag of golf balls. (WVLT)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Farragut eighth grader is being recognized after she stopped a group of "allegedly intoxicated" would-be thieves.

Witnesses said Rachel Kobus was at the driving range when she saw a group of people snatch a bag of golf balls. She said they tried to run across the driving range, but she chased them down.

She was able to successfully retrieve the golf balls.

Now she's being recognized for her heroics at the Knoxville Open as a thank you for stopping the thieves.

The Knoxville Open is happening through Sunday, May 19.

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