Farragut girls basketball player keeps the game in perspective

Published: Oct. 25, 2018 at 11:25 AM EDT
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One basketball player's love for the game earned her a spot on the team.

She's teaching the Farragut Lady Admirals the game is much deeper than the scoreboard.

"Without that passion it's hard to succeed," said Morgan Carbaugh, who plays for the Farragut girls basketball team.

As long as you have passion you can be part of a team just like Olivia Campbell.

"I love it," said Campbell.

Campbell has Down Syndrome, but it doesn't stop her from playing basketball. It also didn't stop her coach, Jason Mayfield, from putting her on the team at Farragut High School.

"I said, immediately, 'Yes'," said Mayfield. "We met and I saw her passion and love for basketball."

The Lady Admirals agreed.

"We were all for it and ever since it's been a blast," said Carbaugh. "She comes to every practice like we do and puts in the work. She's a lot of fun to have around. It's always good to see her on the sidelines cheering for us also."

Olivia's teammates love her and she feels like same way.

"I love them," said Campbell.

She hasn't played in a game yet, but Olivia's role is still crucial.

"Sometimes she'll go around after games and you could tell people are a little upset or mad, she kind of cheers us up and keeps things in perspective," said Mayfield.

For any sport, a team is defined by wins and loses, but it's who a part of the team that leaves a lasting impact.

It's Olivia's 4th and final year shooting hoops. She said it makes her feel happy.

"She's a part of our program just like every other player," said Mayfield.