Two questioned after emergency landing at McGhee-Tyson Airport

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing at McGhee-Tyson Airport in Alcoa, Tennessee, Tuesday night following a bomb scare.

Airport Spokesperson Becky Huckaby told Local 8 News the pilots asked for permission to land at around 10:00 p.m. and requested that airport emergency crews be on standby.

American Airlines spokesperson Ross Feinstein said the plane was bound from Charlotte to Indianapolis, when the airline got a bomb threat. "When we landed they said they got word back from air traffic control to the plane that there was a credible bomb threat," passenger Aaron Ingram told Local 8 News.

After the plane made a safe landing, passengers were evacuated, and crews found no bomb or technical problems with the plane.

"I texted my wife I love you just in case, because I really thought we were crashing. When we finally did land that's when he came on and said there was a bomb threat," Passenger Keith Entwistle told Local 8 News. "I'm still shaking it's been like an hour that was the scariest thing I think I've been through, and they weren't in a big rush to get everyone off the plane you know when there's a bomb threat I wanted to get off the plane."

Feinstein said the plane was grounded overnight, and departed Wednesday. He said passengers spent the night in Knoxville hotels.

One witness told Local 8 News two people were removed from the plane separate from other passengers.

"Cops came on came back and the row right in front of me took two middle eastern guys out. One older gentleman one younger gentleman. When the cop asked him to come with him he asked should I take my bags with me and he said no don;t take your bags leave them right here. Once he took the bags off we were able to get off the plane," Entwistle said.

A spokesperson with McGhee Tyson Airport said two passengers on the flight were referred for interview by the flight's cabin crew. They were interviewed by the TSA and the FBI, then later released.

Local 8 News Reporter David Ball confirmed that four or five officers along with a police K9 boarded the plane. More than a dozen law enforcement agents and emergency crews were on scene. The Knoxville Police Department Bomb Squad also responded and searched at least two luggage items.