Florida teen doing a good deed mistaken for package thief

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PARRISH (WWSB) Anis John was doing a good deed by bringing a package that was accidentally delivered to his home to the correct home. There was only one number different in the package delivered to John’s home compared to that of it’s intended destination, which was on the same street. Problem is video captured on the ring doorbell made it appear as if the 16-year-old was stealing the package and that’s when the homeowner contacted the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and it was then posted on their FaceBook page.

“My initial reaction was I thought it was funny but I was also in shock because I knew I didn’t do anything wrong so I wasn’t scared or anything like that," said John. "I was just kind of nervous like oh gosh I need to go home now and clear everything up.”

The sheriff’s office says everything was cleared up in a matter of hours after they spoke to John and his family. They updated their FaceBook post explaining that this was an act of kindness and not a burglary. The sheriff’s office doesn’t want this situation to discourage people from reporting suspicious activity. John is relieved that this has all been straightened out.

“I rang the doorbell a couple times, I read the sign it told me to leave the box inside the little screen door so I opened the screen door to see if it was unlocked and it was unlocked and I put it in there and I didn’t think anything of it,” said John.

Anis John tells us the next time this happens, he will definitely leave a note with the package.