Florida university offering open heart surgery for dogs

Dogs running on the beach, Photo Date: 2/25/2017 / Photo: Pxhere / CC0 1.0 /(MGN)

Pets have become an incredibly important part of many people's lives. But our furry friends can, just like our human companions, get sick.

The University of Florida is now offering state-of-the-art open heart surgery for dogs. CBS4 in Gainesville reported that almost 7 million dogs have degenerative mitral valve disease.

“Many get this disease relatively young, and they die from this disease relatively young,” says Simon Swift, Medical Director of Cardiology at the University of Florida Veterinary Hospital.

“It can occur with any breed but it is much more common with small breed dogs, why? we don’t know,” says Smith.

According to CBS4, 80 dogs are on the waiting list for the surgery, which is beginning in April. The price ies expected to come at $42,000.