Florida woman's maternity shoot has gator, gun, beer

TAMPA, Fla. (WVLT) -- You hear a lot of stories come out of Florida, like the woman who allegedly beat her boyfriend with a pork chop or heart surgery for dogs. No matter what, the state rarely fails to impress, and this time is no exception.

A Florida woman is making headlines for her unusual maternity photo shoot.

CBS affiliate WTSP reported on mom-to-be Lindsey Tuttle, who posted a rather comical picture of her breastfeeding a baby gator. Also in the photo is a Florida flag, shotgun and a case of Bud Light.

"Last minute practice for baby. Alligators don't like to bottlefeed, apparently," Tuttle said on Facebook.

"I wanted a picture different than your run of the mill maternity photos of women in the forest being goddesses," Tuttle said. "Florida man" has always cracked up my husband and I (both native Floridians), so we decided to make me Florida woman."

Tuttle said she met Fred the Alligator and his owner at Dysfunctional Grace Art Co.

"I pitched the idea to his owner and he was game to help me reach peak Florida woman levels," Tuttle added. "Fred is a perfect gentleman and will be a great big brother figure for Baby Tuttle."