Florist selling anti-coronavirus Valentine's Day bouquets

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 6:09 PM EST
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Coronavirus cases have topped 60,000, and, as fear of the disease sweeps the globe, one florist is doing what she can to help calm fears and be practical.


that the bouquets come with sanitizer, soap, and a mask and gloves.

The owner, Mary Jane Villegas, told the Associated Press she started making them because she, too, is afraid of the coronavirus.

"This bouquet that I made, the anti-nCoV bouquet, I thought of this because we have this coronavirus and so that people can have an idea that flowers are not the only thing you can give during Valentine's," flower shop owner Mary Jane Villegas told the AP. "Because of the spread of the virus, I included a mask, sanitizer, toothpaste and soap for Valentine's, instead of the usual things like chocolate."

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