Former Knoxville radio host turns Grammy award winning producer

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- East Tennessee has its share of Grammy winners, but there's one man whose resume reads like a who's who of A-Listers.

Source: WVLT

Many remember Seva as a former well-known DJ, but now he is focused on a soundboard, winning a Grammy and producing some of the top names in the music business.

Seva is the stage name of a man named David Ball. He said he received his stage name years ago.

"I wanted to take that stage name because there were five guys named David Ball already in the business," Seva said.

Seva spent years on radio as DJ Commander Dave on WIMZ. Now, Seva produces audio, commercials and even documentaries.

"I worked with David Bowie on a CD-Rom, I worked with Metallica on their webpage," Seva said.

Seva also worked with Chris Blue and Dolly Parton. His work with Parton earned him his first two Grammy nominations.

Seva then won a Grammy for achievement in recording innovation.

"The software that we created is like the old outboard," Seva said. "You'd have a piece that's like reverb or EQ, we did all that in software."

Seva is currently working on a major theatrical documentary on Dolly Parton.

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