Former Vol great speaks out about depression

Published: Dec. 4, 2018 at 6:08 PM EST
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We all know about the importance of giving back. Well after a personal struggle, that's exactly what former Vol and NFL great Jamal Lewis is doing.

The former number one draft pick out of Tennessee, Jamal Lewis was the offensive player of the year in the NFL in 2003, but after he retired, his business failed and at a recent University of Maryland conference on depression, he told the students that he lost his business, almost lost his family and thought, what else do i have to lose? So why not help others Lewis said, " to people that are suffering from depression, anxiety and different issues is look, stop holding it in , you've got to talk about it, you've got to let it out. Find out somebody in your support system."

A great take from Jamal who reminds us all, we're not alone!