"Be somebody and do something:" Foster parents open hearts and homes

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Thousands of children are in foster care across the state. Childhelp is an organization that helps kids find homes.

"It's a matter of selflessly opening your home and sacrificing," said Richard Fogg, who fosters kids with his wife.

An open door and a big heart is the first step to fostering.

"Many people say you're special to do that, but really we're not," said Richard.

Richard and Judy Fogg have been fostering for nine years. They've had 15 children come through their home. They want to keep giving their love.

"One of my mantras is to be a somebody and do something," said Richard. "It's a calling we felt called to do, but there's a need for more somebodies to stand up."

The Foggs have two kids of their own, Austin and Allison. Both of them are in their 20s.

"It just came down to me wanting to grow our family and we couldn't do that naturally," said Judy Fogg, who is Richard's wife.

Foster care was their solution.

Their youngest daughter, Allison, said growing up, kids in her home sometimes got more attention.

"I think that is such a small thing to have to give up for a kid who doesn't even know if their parents love them, or if they did, doesn't get to experience that love daily," said Allison Fogg.

Richard retired from the Air Force after 36 years of service. Judy teaches foster care classes. They plan to foster as long as they can.

They are very easy to love and care of," said Judy. "They don't require as much as people think."

"We've received much more blessing from them than they have from us, once you let them in your home and open up your heart," said Richard.

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