Frank's Barbershop sets sights on national growth

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A well known East Tennessee hair salon is about to change directions.

Frank's Barbershop is partnering with Sports Clips to expand into a national franchise.

Frank’s went from brand new just a few years ago to being named the top barbershop in America for three years in a row.

Years ago, Frank Gambuzza took Salon Visage and opened Frank's Barbershop. The concept is a throwback of sorts with a modern-day twist. It's been said, “success breeds success,” but now it's changing again.

Now Frank’s is teaming up with Sport Clips, which was ranked number one by Forbes as one of America's best franchises.

"When we first opened Franks 10 years ago right off the bat we knew we had something special, and for me as the owner and along with my wife Belinda obviously so many people said you need to franchise this or do more multiple locations, people were coming to us but it wasn’t the right fit."

Now the time is right. He’s teaming up with Gordon Logan, a former Air Force commander, MIT, and Wharton School of Business graduate.

Logan says he wants to take the franchise national. They're calling it Gambuzza's Barbershop. Every Gambuzza franchise across the country will have the feel of a family tradition going back to Frank's Italian roots started by his grandfather in New Jersey.

"It's going to be like it is here, everywhere. This is kind of the magic, this is where it happens, and no reason to make it any different," said Gambuzza, "We've found the right combination."

Frank Gambuzza and Gordon Logan expect the Gambuzza franchise to grow from two in Knoxville to 300 to 500 in the next 10 years. Besides Knoxville, the next one will open in Austin, Texas on September 3rd.

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