Knoxville's push to become bicyclist-friendly

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Friday marked National Bike to Work Day, which is an event Knoxville has participated in for 18 years. Events across the city raised awareness for cyclists.

This annual celebration hasn't convinced some cyclist enthusiasts who say Knoxville could be more bicyclist friendly.

According to the City of Knoxville, 20 miles of bike lanes spread across the city. Organizations like Bike Walk Knoxville said that's not enough.

"It leaves cyclists confused, frightened and frustrated that they can't get from point A to point B," Caroline Cooley, the president, said.

She hopes to get protective barriers separating bike lanes from the road.

"Adults do not want to take children on a bike lane with no protection from the cars," she said.

City officials told WVLT News there is a plan to continue improving the roadways for cyclists, which would include adding barriers. Officials said they're also looking to add more bike lanes.

Ellen Zavisca, with Knoxville/Knox Planning, said the biggest changes will come with awareness from both cyclists and drivers.

"Be aware that they're there and look for them. We're so used to just looking for cars," she said.