Lottery opens Friday for Smokies synchronous firefly viewing

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials are announcing the predicted peak dates for viewing the park’s synchronous fireflies this year.

"It's a really magical experience to see just because so many of them are out all at the same time," said Will Kuhn, who is with Discover Life In America.

A news release says the fireflies are expected to exhibit their unique synchronous flashing between May 30 and June 6. All visitors wishing to view the fireflies during this period must have a parking pass distributed by lottery.

All visitors wishing to view the synchronous fireflies at Elkmont must have a parking pass distributed through the lottery system here or by calling 1-877-444-6777.

The lottery is open for applications April 26-29.

The application fee is $1 and successful applicants will be charged a $24 reservation fee.

The park has limited access to the Elkmont area during the predicted peak activity of the fireflies since 2006. That’s in order to reduce traffic and minimize the disturbance to the fireflies during the critical two-week mating period.

If you didn't win a chance to see the show, Discover Life in America is having a fundraising event where you can see the synchronous fireflies light up June 7th - June 9th.

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