Geeking out for Knoxville Fanboy Expo

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) With less than 48 hours until the start of Fanboy Expo in downtown Knoxville, there's a character you'll want to meet.

"You become a family when you're doing these shows," said Charlie Aiken, a vendor.

This isn't your typical family.

"When you meet people and go to shows and you see them every year for several years," explained Aiken.

Between the costumes and the comics, the Knoxville Convention Center reveals its secret identity.

"It's a way to get together with people with like interests. You meet some celebrities that you grew up watching," said Aiken.

Bringing the family full of geeky goodness together.
Aiken has been collecting comic con memorabilia for nearly 30 years, selling it for more than 20 and coming to the Fanboy Expo for the past five.

"Make a little bit of money, get a few autographs, meet up with some friends that I only get to see a couple times a year," stated Aiken.

Bins upon bins filled with thousands of collectibles.

"If you're into power rangers it's here. if you're into GI Joe man anything like that, it's here. somebody's got it," said Aiken.

Spiderman, Batman and even more action figures are in store at his booth.

SMG General Manager, Mary Bogert, said he's one of the thousands of faces you'll see at the convention.

"We're expecting about 35,000 attendees. last year we had 30 thousand. this year we're expecting more," explained Bogert.

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WVLT News' Brittany Tarwater pictured with John Hammond at Knoxville Fan Boy / Source: Andrew McCulloch